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Pilates Based Physical Therapy

Pilates is repertoire of exercises created by Joseph Pilates. Through a multitude of life experiences and influences, Pilates created a system of exercises as well as the equipment required to perform the exercises on. Using principles of breathing, precision, control, concentration, centering, and flow, this unique set of exercises serve to improve somatic awareness, improve posture, coordination, flexibility and strength. The result is a movement regimen that suits therapeutic rehabilitation perfectly.

Not surprisingly, many physical therapists now utilize the Pilates method to complement traditional treatment modalities. 

Sometimes, health practitioners treat injuries in isolation, and the patient "becomes" a "knee patient" or a "back patient" with intervention and exercises aimed at addressing only those areas. However, it is more desirable and effective to examine the patient as a whole, and not just a particular pathology. Fortunately, Pilates is whole body movement exercise concept. Therefore, a Pilates-based physical therapy approach is a more holistic treatment choice, addressing overall body mechanics that my contribute to a specific area of pain.

Pilates also allows for modifications to enable more efficient movement patterns in the body. As such, painful movement can be broken down into smaller components, and troublesome patterns can be facilitated to achieve pain-free movement. When patients are ready to be challenged further in their form and strength, the Pilates method is then progressed.

Pilates is gentle on your body yet can be extremely challenging. It builds overall muscle strength, improves balance, increases flexibility, and promotes core strength; all of which are integral to a well-functioning healthy body.

Moreover, as a person develops better movement confidence and body awareness the recurrence of pain and injury is diminished. Simply put, when you move better, you feel better; conversely when you feel better, you move better. 


“Change happens through movement, and movement heals” –Joseph Pilates

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